Caps for Caps

When L.A. Beer Week first started back in 2009, there was no Select Beer Store in Redondo Beach, Sunset Beer Company was not even a glimmer in Echo Park and neither Red Carpet in Glendale nor Wades Wines in Agoura had taps in addition to their bottle collections.  Now all these spots (and others like them) have jumped onto the speeding bandwagon that is the craft beer scene in L.A. county.

To celebrate this growth in a vital sector of the beer eco-system, there is now the L.A. Beer Week “Caps for Caps” Initiative. And, it is a very simple and fun ‘ale-venture’. Here’s how it works …

Just purchase locally brewed beers and collect the caps from breweries like Eagle Rock Brewery, Hangar 24 Craft Brewery, The Bruery, Black Market Brewing or Brouwerij West — all L.A.-area breweries that emblazon their logos on the caps. And since some of our great locals do not bottle (yet), you can also search for bottles or cans that have special L.A. Beer Week stickers affixed to the caps (looks like the image below).  Once you have 12 caps, you win. And what you win is a fancy and official L.A. Beer Week “cap” that will show the world your beer street cred. You can look for these bottle caps and stickers at official these LA Beer Week sponsor bottle shops:

All you have to do is take those caps to the closing festival at Union Station.  And if for some reason you are not attending the festival, you can take those caps to either Eagle Rock Brewery on the eastside or Beer Belly on the westside to redeem them for your LA Beer Week hat.  (You can also get a beer while you are there, because the hat looks better with a beer in your hand.)

Next year, I want to be able to say that L.A. has more craft breweries bottling (and canning) and that there are more places to pick up those beers to take home. The City of Portland, which is a tiny bit smaller than Los Angeles, has more craft beer stores than we do.  North Killingsworth Street in Portland has two bottle shops with taps, a brewpub and a brewery.  I want the same for each neighborhood in Los Angeles from Highland Park to Pacific Palisades to Culver City. And one way to reach that goal is to frequently frequent the stores we have now and show that the demand for better beer is alive and well.

I want to see those official L.A. Beer Week hats on many heads no matter what beer shop I am in between now and the 2013 edition of L.A. Beer Week.

Post courtsey of Sean Inman, founder and Food GPS contributor.
Photos courtesy of Cambria Griffith

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